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So, I play alot of online browser games.  Lord of Ultima just happens to be one of my favorite online free browser games.  But seriously i tried this one out yesterday and I am hooked!  Its called Runes of Magic and its the shit.  Just like Lord of Ultima it is a MMO and totally FREE TO PLAY.

So Runes of Magic has graphics that are totally insane compared to Lord of Ultima.  I know you can’t really compare a RTS with MMORPG but for the sake of some sick eye candy what can I say?

Here is a pretty sick review of Runes of Magic. Its a damn good game guys so please sign up for me and friend me.  We can kick some ass.

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Lord Of Ultima – LoU – Cheats and Cheat codes

So yesterday I was playing Lou and I noobie asked me, “Hey man try out this sweet Lord of Ultima cheat code. I got it online”. I knew he was lying and he was likely trying to infect me his a virus. So I pretended to get all excited about his Lou cheat code an asked him to send me the file. Of course I ran a virus checker on the “program” that would give me unlimited diamonds and guess what? Yup it was avirus and it had nothing to do with a lord of ultima cheats. There really is nothing you can do about you just need to suck it up and do all the hard work.

There are no such things as a cheat code in lord of ultima.  Let me repeat myself there are no such thing as lord of ultima cheats.  THEY ARE TRYING TO GIVE YOU A VIRUS!!

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Lord of Ultima Game play Review for New players

This is going to be a review article to give some new players what they can expect from the gameplay of lord of utlima.  So this LOU is a real time strategy that never stop playing.  The clock is always running.  You are on a massive world with many continents and you need to grow you cities and armies and expand your power.  There are things called alliances which will are giant guilds that band together to ward off enemy guilds together and take down bigger opponents.

Efficiency is the name of the game and your city layout will have a huge impact on your overall gameplay.  Dont just start building randomly.  Think about the structure of your city and how it will work down the road.  Are you planning to grow  a huge empire or harvest minerals and resources?  The layout of your city should change depending on how you plan to use that city.

Lord of Ultima game play can be a little boring at times.  Especially in the begining when you don’t have many armies and all your neighbors are fresh as well.  However once you get some armies and some ships going things starting getting very crazy and entire continents are taken over.

Now I dont want to get you dissapointed or anything but don’t expect to win Lord of Utlima without buying some diamonds.  I dont know how these people can afford to spend so much money on a game when they are playing a stupid browser game 24/7.  But I think everyone who plays these types of games realizes that there will always be the people who buy their way to the top and there will always be people who use their skill and knowledge and hard work to get to the top?  Which type of lord of Ultima game play do you prefer?

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Lord of Ultima Diamond Adder v2.1


I would like to thank the readers and the multiple comments left on this post warning me of this situation.  Thank you.

So I dont know how I  missed this sweet little tool but it appears you can now generate diamonds for Lord of Ultima using this tool.  I can’t imagine that they will let this hole open for very long so get this app and grab some diamonds while you can!

Here is also a video on how to do this step by step.

Lord of Ultima Diamond Adder v2… by WikarMeen

Posted in free diamonds, news, tools | Tagged | 4 Comments is having issues which may prevent downloads to Lord of Ultima Tools like LOU Tweak

Hi all, thanks to your comments I have been alerted to an issue with which hosts many of the greasemonkey scripts that make lord of utlima alot better and easier to manage.  I was able to access Google’s Cached version of the page and get a direct download to Lou Tweak.  The direct download URL seems to be working fine from

Here is the Lou Tweak install link.  Make sure you have Greasemonkey installed already before clicking.  It will auto install the script.

In the future I will look into hosting a copy of htese files on my own website  but I wanted to make sure the original creator was getting the credit they deserved for making these awesome tools.

This is a hosting issue and has nothing to do with Lord of Utlima Strategy.  Hopefully they will resolve the problem soon.  Thanks guys.

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LoU Tweak for Greasemonkey Update

Hello everyone, the offical link to the greasemonkey script that I have under the tools and scripts section is still valid.  However, it has been a while since I have reviewed the actual new features and talked about using the tool.

I am also including a link to the Greasemonkey extension for Chrome.  You can find the link at the bottom of this article.

Here are some of the new features of the LoU Tweak Greasemonkey script

  • Keyboard shortcuts for upgrading / downgrading / buildings and structures – Awesome
  • MiniMap display
  • City Layout Sharestring generator – This lets you easily create a sharestring for allies or for offline planning.
  • Current / Max queue info – Essential to manage large empires that have numerous castles.
  • Incoming resources info – Once again, you may not need this resource info when your a small empire but as you grow it is essential.
  • Overlay city layout
  • Extra buttons for BB-Codes

LoU Tweak is still the best script out there for your Lord of Ultima needs.  It will allow you to scale your empire without wasting 50% of your time managing your buildings and armies manually.  For the best source of Lord of Ultima Strategy you can rely on

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Lord of Ultima Strategy: advice for the newbies

Lets put it this way folks. Lord of Ultima strategy becomes very large-scale and extremely complex at the high end of play.  Empires has hundreds of cities and countless more armies that you must someone efficiently manage or else you will lose your hope in battle.  The best alliances are the most organized and efficient.  If you arent on Skype or Team-speak with your Alliance then your probably going to lose any major campaign.

The other aspect of Lord of Ultima that attracts many gamers is the social aspect of the game.  Lord of Ultima did a very good job at stimulating an environment in which neighbor relations are extremely important.  However, the game has made it entirely fair whether you choose to be an evil person or a good person.  Lying and deceiving is a crucial part of this game, even amongst close allies you will shameful backstabbing.  So beware who you trust and in a game where the time of war lasts so long beware outsiders.  Alliances are tricky animals and members can quickly change sides if their expectations are not met.  this is why it is very important to have a very strong, devoted, hard working leader who no one will dare defy.  That is the heart of the alliance and each member should understand that.  However, it is not the same with human nature.  Players become resentful, greedy, fed up being second in place.  This is why a great leader shares the wealth and uses his power to make his mates stronger and earn their trust.

The group of members and leader who has the power to rule them all will win this game.

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Lord of Ultima Tools – The newest Tools out there right now for Grease Monkey

I am proud to announce the hottest new Tool for Greasemonkey that as ever been released (publicly).  LoU Tweak is the latest and greatest Greasemonkey script for Lord of Ultima.

Diagram of Tools for Lord of Ultima

Here is the link.  Obviously dont abuse such tools to the point you may attract unwanted attention from game admins and other players.

Lord of Ultima Tool Chart

Here is a list of some of its features:

  • Upgrade / Downgrade buildings with keyboard (u, d – once; Shift+u, Shift+d – max, d – works for natural resources too)
  • Generate city layout share-string (Excellent feature if i say so myself.)
  • Create Moonstones buttons
  • Clickable coords in chat
  • Selectable chat text!!! Finally
  • Current / Max Queue info
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Lord of Ultima Free Diamond code for 100 free diamonds

Continue reading

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Finally a Grease Monkey Script for LoU

LoU Tweak Greasemonkey script for Lord of Ultima

LoU Tweak is the latest and greatest Greatmonkey script for lord of ultima.  Here is a list of some of its features:

This is it ladies and gentlemen.  Finally someone has released a grease monkey script for LoU.  Here it is and play at your own risk :)

Some features:

  • Upgrade / Downgrade buildings with keyboard (u, d – once; Shift+u, Shift+d – max, d – works for natural resources too)
  • Generate city layout sharestring
  • Create Moonstones buttons
  • Clickable coords in chat
  • Selectable chat text
  • Current / Max Queue info
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