Developer Q&A finally released, awesome strategy info

Here is an excerpt from the developers Q&A session from the official online forums.  Do we finally get some answers on the math behind the combat system?  Read for yourself!

Q: What does “500 damage to buildings” actually mean? Do buildings have hitpoints, or what? What are the specifics of how it works. Is siege unit damage reduced between attack types siege vs assault ?
A: VW: The building costs are considered as “hitpoints”, e.g. if upgrade to level 7 took 10.000 resources, it takes 10.000 damage to destroy that level.

Q: What are ships classified as? artillery? or are they there own unit type? if so, what are they weak against?
A: VW: Attacking ships are counted as artillery.

Q: If you attack a city and he has a high number of units weak against magic but he also has pallys and you attack with mages, do the pallys take the hit first? or do the mages attack the weak units first? or is it random?
A: VW: The attack is done simultaneously; there are no “turns” in our combat. The defenders get assigned to the different types of attackers, proportional to the attack values sums of the attacking units.

Q: What is the spawn rates for the different boss types?
{Is it time factor, number of raids lv of players on continent or something else entirely that affect the levels they appear at, for instance I’ve only seen lv’s 1-4 so far and mostly just dragons a few hydras the odd moloch and never seen an octopus yet!}
A: VW: Bosses spawn randomly depending on player cities amount and level. If there are more cities in an area, more bosses will spawn nearby to keep it fair (about the same amount of bosses per city).

Q: What is the deciding factor in boss despawning?
A: VW: Bosses despawn after a time or if a certain amount of players sent attacks.

Q: Please explain the battle mechanics. What exactly is the math behind battle results?
A: At this moment in time, we do not intend to release an in-depth look at the battle mechanics.

Q: Why is it that lawless cities cost the same settlement costs as creating a new city from scratch?
A: VW: No special reason, overall founding a city is not too expensive in our opinion.

Everyone should really read up on the whole thing here:

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