LoU BoS Update version 1.2.3- New Greasemonkey script to help your strategy

LoU BoS version 1.2.3

This script is great for reporting and keeping on top of massive armies and empires.  A must have for any serious player.  Check it out.

Tested in Firefox 3.6 with greasemonkey extension installed and in Chrome (6.0.495.0 dev)

The script can be found here: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/84343

26-08-2010 added fetching resources to summary (using ‘Request resources’ server call)
25-08-2010 added dungeons and region to summary page, bug fix of report export in Chrome

- select reports by type
- export reports in text form
- reports list widget has decreased time column width
- basic summary widget
- basic combat calculator
- jump to some coordinates button

Implementation details:
- most of the time script doesn’t make calls to LoU server, the only time when script does it is when player wants to export some report or populate combat calculator with scout report details
- it doesn’t contain any malicious code, you could check it by yourself because source code is included in non obsfucated form
- it contains portions of game javascript code – part of webfrontend.data.City class is copied in order to make summary screen working
- jump to some coordinates dialog comes from LoU Tweak
- human_time function taken from LoU Summary

Tested on English server but thanks to Secusion it should work also on German servers.
NOTICE:  It should work fine when LoU Tweak is also installed.

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