Lord of Ultima Strategy: advice for the newbies

Lets put it this way folks. Lord of Ultima strategy becomes very large-scale and extremely complex at the high end of play.  Empires has hundreds of cities and countless more armies that you must someone efficiently manage or else you will lose your hope in battle.  The best alliances are the most organized and efficient.  If you arent on Skype or Team-speak with your Alliance then your probably going to lose any major campaign.

The other aspect of Lord of Ultima that attracts many gamers is the social aspect of the game.  Lord of Ultima did a very good job at stimulating an environment in which neighbor relations are extremely important.  However, the game has made it entirely fair whether you choose to be an evil person or a good person.  Lying and deceiving is a crucial part of this game, even amongst close allies you will shameful backstabbing.  So beware who you trust and in a game where the time of war lasts so long beware outsiders.  Alliances are tricky animals and members can quickly change sides if their expectations are not met.  this is why it is very important to have a very strong, devoted, hard working leader who no one will dare defy.  That is the heart of the alliance and each member should understand that.  However, it is not the same with human nature.  Players become resentful, greedy, fed up being second in place.  This is why a great leader shares the wealth and uses his power to make his mates stronger and earn their trust.

The group of members and leader who has the power to rule them all will win this game.

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2 Responses to Lord of Ultima Strategy: advice for the newbies

  1. Yoron says:

    Huh, what’s this for kind of BS?

    I’ve played Evony and those kind of alliances all died in the end.
    Nobody sane thought them that fun. Sounds like you’re trying to set you up as a ‘instant sage’ here? Count me out of your alliance :) For you sane ones, count me in ::))


  2. D3fyLr says:

    I think he is right, i recently left an alliance as i was tired with people declaring war, starting NAP’s, alliances etc. without even consulting our leader, who then kicked them all, and refused to go to war with a member-styealing alliance. Also, there was confusion in the forums, threads on the same things in every forum, responses becoming scattered… You need an organised alliance. Skype? Maybe a little OTT, but definitely organised. Also, do be willing to backstab a possible opponent. Not my thing, but i’m surrounded by friends.

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