LoU Tweak for Greasemonkey Update

Hello everyone, the offical link to the greasemonkey script that I have under the tools and scripts section is still valid.  However, it has been a while since I have reviewed the actual new features and talked about using the tool.

I am also including a link to the Greasemonkey extension for Chrome.  You can find the link at the bottom of this article.

Here are some of the new features of the LoU Tweak Greasemonkey script

  • Keyboard shortcuts for upgrading / downgrading / buildings and structures – Awesome
  • MiniMap display
  • City Layout Sharestring generator – This lets you easily create a sharestring for allies or for offline planning.
  • Current / Max queue info – Essential to manage large empires that have numerous castles.
  • Incoming resources info – Once again, you may not need this resource info when your a small empire but as you grow it is essential.
  • Overlay city layout
  • Extra buttons for BB-Codes

LoU Tweak is still the best script out there for your Lord of Ultima needs.  It will allow you to scale your empire without wasting 50% of your time managing your buildings and armies manually.  For the best source of Lord of Ultima Strategy you can rely on LordofUltimaStrategy.com.

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