Lord of Ultima Game play Review for New players

This is going to be a review article to give some new players what they can expect from the gameplay of lord of utlima.  So this LOU is a real time strategy that never stop playing.  The clock is always running.  You are on a massive world with many continents and you need to grow you cities and armies and expand your power.  There are things called alliances which will are giant guilds that band together to ward off enemy guilds together and take down bigger opponents.

Efficiency is the name of the game and your city layout will have a huge impact on your overall gameplay.  Dont just start building randomly.  Think about the structure of your city and how it will work down the road.  Are you planning to grow  a huge empire or harvest minerals and resources?  The layout of your city should change depending on how you plan to use that city.

Lord of Ultima game play can be a little boring at times.  Especially in the begining when you don’t have many armies and all your neighbors are fresh as well.  However once you get some armies and some ships going things starting getting very crazy and entire continents are taken over.

Now I dont want to get you dissapointed or anything but don’t expect to win Lord of Utlima without buying some diamonds.  I dont know how these people can afford to spend so much money on a game when they are playing a stupid browser game 24/7.  But I think everyone who plays these types of games realizes that there will always be the people who buy their way to the top and there will always be people who use their skill and knowledge and hard work to get to the top?  Which type of lord of Ultima game play do you prefer?

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