Lord Of Ultima – LoU – Cheats and Cheat codes

So yesterday I was playing Lou and I noobie asked me, “Hey man try out this sweet Lord of Ultima cheat code. I got it online”. I knew he was lying and he was likely trying to infect me his a virus. So I pretended to get all excited about his Lou cheat code an asked him to send me the file. Of course I ran a virus checker on the “program” that would give me unlimited diamonds and guess what? Yup it was avirus and it had nothing to do with a lord of ultima cheats. There really is nothing you can do about you just need to suck it up and do all the hard work.

There are no such things as a cheat code in lord of ultima.  Let me repeat myself there are no such thing as lord of ultima cheats.  THEY ARE TRYING TO GIVE YOU A VIRUS!!

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  1. rahul murthy says:

    not if you are using a MAC

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