This page will have a consolidated list of resources every player should know about.  Lord of Ultima is a fairly new game and new resource are popping up every day.  I will continue to post new sources as I am notified about them.

Lord of Ultima Wiki:

This is the official wiki of LOU.  Honestly, I would expect more from an EA branded game but its useful for looking up title information, stats on building and units, and the basic rules of the game.  If you looking for combat mechanics and solid explanation for end game then your looking in the wrong place.

Defense Calculator:

This handy little spreadsheet will take your scouting reports and let you determine what size force you will need to take the city safely.

Lord of Ultima Tutorial Starter Noobie Guide

This guy has a nice 7 day build for your first city.  He walks you through the whole process and outlines a general build strategy for your capital.  Though I dont think his build is the best one out there is certainly gets the job done and its great for a new player.  It certainly helped me get started.

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