Screen Shots

This page will have examples of different city layouts.  Each city should have its own purpose and in this game its far better to specialize.

This is what you dont want your city to look like

Lord of ultima city strategies

A disappointing capture

This is a perfect example of what you want to avoid.  This person had a disastrous build speed, horrible resource rate, and pretty much no army and recruiting capability.  Notice how none of the resource nodes are not deleted.  This is a huge indication that this player was a noob.  Most of the castles you will capture will likely be something like this.  Once and a while you can get lucky with a nice capture.  Oh this was a lawless BTW 5k points, notice no castle.

Military City specializing in Knights

knight city strategy

100% Military build

This city is a military city specializing in knights.  Notice it is still under construction  because only some of the cottages have been deconstructed.  The city is at the stage where cottages are slowly being converted into additional barracks/stables.  It is completely reliant on a feeder city or trading for resources and additional food.

Stable recruiting speed: %4500

Current Capacity: 140,000 TS – Lv. 7/10 Castle

Current Knight recruiting time: 10 seconds

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  1. LethalDragon says:

    hi i have played for a few months now,and have found that knights and pallies are the best units for assualting and plundering while the main force of zerkers and rams catapualts siege him

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