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Tools for Lord of Ultima, the top Tools available (publicly) on the internet.

This section is dedicated to compiling all the tools available for Lord of Ultima.  These tools range from city planners, external maps, firefox extensions, greasemonkey scripts, and data aggregate tools like empire viewer.  Each type of tools has specific purposes.  No one has combined everything into one package as of yet.  If you encounter or release a brand new tool to the community please email the editorial staff and we will be sure to give your credit to your work and and a link to your site.  Please enjoy!

LoU Tweak for Greasemonkey script

This is it ladies and gentlemen.  Finally someone has released a grease monkey script for LoU.  Here it is and play at your own risk :)

Some features:

  • Upgrade / Downgrade buildings with keyboard (u, d – once; Shift+u, Shift+d – max, d – works for natural resources too)
  • Generate city layout sharestring
  • Create Moonstones buttons
  • Clickable coords in chat
  • Selectable chat text
  • Current / Max Queue info

Lord of Ultima Flash Map – Mac and Windows Compatible

I was so happy when this came out because I have a mac laptop that couldn’t use the software version.  This tools is pretty clutch for trying out new builds.  Every city should have its own purpose and its good strategy to map it out before hand.   You can find the site here:

Lord Of Ultima City Planner – Windows

The ORIGINAL map tool for Lord of Ultima.  Pretty sweet check it out.  You can find the downloads over here:

Lord of Ultima Empire Viewer – Browser Based

This tools provides a great overview of all your cities on one screen.  You cannot play the game through this tool but you can monitor your cities and aggregate data.  If you have 20+ cities this tool will benefit you a lot. This is an interesting tool because you do have to share your session id with an outside website.   With that link pretty much anyone can log in during your session.  Here is the forum thread about it if your interested in reading more.  You can find their tool here:

Lord of Ultima Firefox extension Summary of All Cities

This tool is another city data viewer that provides you stats about all your cities.  It will show you when your cities will run out of food and when their queues are done.  Very handy.  The forum post is here:

Lord of Ultima External Map Tool – Browser Based

Last but not least we have a tool that brings you a global view of your world!  Highlight players and alliances and filter castles and different zoom levels.  Its got it ALL.

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  1. D3fyLr says:

    Good information for someone new to LoU, who likes it so much that they would actually use tools like this, having never bothered before. You guessed it, me!

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